Over 400 poets contributed 800 poems to celebrate Liverpool's 800th year. You can read them all here, just click anywhere on the picture of the Liver Building. Alternatively, you can select poems from a list

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Daily Poem

“I, King John, By the Grace of God. . ."

“Here, attended by my thick but excellently paid retainer, Putridge,
to my dear and well beloved people of Libber Tool. . .” “Sire, it’s
Liverpool. . .” “Ah, yes, as you say, Putridge, ah hem, begin again:

“I, King John, of England and Ireland not forgetting the Isle of Dogs,
to my dear and well beloved people of Leber School. . .” “Sire, it’s
Liver-poooool. . .” “Right, Putridge, mmmmm, let's start the tape again:

“I, King John, etcetera etcetera ad infinitum, to my dear and well
beloved people of Litter Drool. . .” “Your majesty, I beg to say, it’s
Liver-pooooool. . .” “Of course it is, Putridge, well, we don’t need

“to dictate it, do we, you know what to say, you know the name of the place,
Ligger Stool. Give ‘em the Standard King John Number 1 Charter, eh?
Putridge, I say, while we’re at it, give 'em a royal forest in Toxteth too.

“Just keep that blooming Robin Hood fellow out it, I’ve had quite enough
of him and his Merry Men. The blighters stopped being funny long ago.
What’s this place Licker Hool known for, anyway? I’ve never heard of it.”

“Beetles, sir. I think from the Pool from which it gets its name: water beetles, that is.
And, I’ve heard tell, two football teams, one plays in Blue and chews toffee,
the other plays in Red has a Kop choir singing that they'll never walk alone.”

“Ah, all very good, Putridge, while I think of it give ‘em a big green bird
and call it the Liver Bird. Give my dear, well beloved people of Liver-pool
two green birds on top of a tall building. Now, Putridge, show in my jester.”

Christopher T. George

Future Plans

To we tried to get poem800 published in book form but with 800 poems we couldn't find a publisher, also it was too expensive for us to print ourselves via vanity press so we regret that we have been unable to get it published. But we decided to leave it published on the internet i.e. running with a random poem every day (at our expense) and if anyone has any ideas on how to publish please get in touch.

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