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Daily Poem

For Liverpool Pals Battalion 1916

Burnished brass mourns farewell
as scarlet poppies in cashmere black
make their arthritic way
past cenotaph
to remember ...
a crocodile of unsophisticated men
jaunty gawky
gap toothed grin
buttoned up gaiters and sackcloth serge
singing bawdy songs over creaking planks
to offer their lives
for freedom.

Let her not see
the tortured faces in saline pools
cadavers that gently rock
stepping stones
for tackety boots
to oblivion.

Let her not hear the shrieks
or smell the stench of putrid flesh
let her remember him
as she sits
gray hair in a simple bun
gnarled hands clasped on faded pinafore
patiently waiting the creak of door
as the one she formed in blood and pain
strides in
or until it is time to go and meet
her son again.


Future Plans

To we tried to get poem800 published in book form but with 800 poems we couldn't find a publisher, also it was too expensive for us to print ourselves via vanity press so we regret that we have been unable to get it published. But we decided to leave it published on the internet i.e. running with a random poem every day (at our expense) and if anyone has any ideas on how to publish please get in touch.

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