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Daily Poem

The Birth of a City

800 years ago about King John Arose
and without a shout
proclaimed to all and sundry there, take
heed you men and maidens fair.
I have within my kingdom wide, a town, a tribe,
by a riverside
a town that dwells within my rule, known by
the name of Liverpool
I have heard, and my Knights will say. They
trade with countries far away.
My sage has told me, in time to be, they will win
honours and glory for this country.
Silver chalice and medals of gold will come to
this tribe for venturing bold.
They will laugh and smile sing and dance
surrounded by dwellings of elegance
because of these things and because I'm no
I make my mark and establish the 'The City of Liverpool.'

John McQuirk

Future Plans

To we tried to get poem800 published in book form but with 800 poems we couldn't find a publisher, also it was too expensive for us to print ourselves via vanity press so we regret that we have been unable to get it published. But we decided to leave it published on the internet i.e. running with a random poem every day (at our expense) and if anyone has any ideas on how to publish please get in touch.

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